AlienVault Releases SCADA SIEM for Critical Infrastructure

Tuesday, May 31, 2011



AlienVault, LLC - the worldwide leader in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) - today announced the release of AlienVault ICS SIEM.

AlienVault ICS SIEM is a family of purpose-built appliances which provide a platform for security and compliance management across industrial process control networks.

”Industrial networks face increasing threat of incidents causing economic, physical and human damage,” said Chris Blask, AlienVault’s Vice President, Industrial Control System Group.

“SIEM as a technology provides the dashboard for planning and implementing a complete solution. AlienVault ICS SIEM uniquely combines the necessary supporting technologies, such as vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection, in a physical and architectural format appropriate for industrial applications.”

Wirehead Security is one of the key partners working with AlienVault to bring these technologies to industrial facilities.

“We are very pleased with our choice of AlienVault ICS SIEM for a major urban water treatment customer on the East Coast,” said Wirehead’s CTO Michael Menefee.

“For this critical environment we needed a unified solution with the SCADA capabilities not found in IT-centric solutions. With AlienVault ICS SIEM we have a solution that can address the security and compliance needs of customers in process control industries including electric power utilities, public works and oil & gas. You just cannot get that level of capability, reliability and integration with legacy IT or ICS solutions alone.”

AlienVault has a long track record of securing Industrial Control Systems. Every day, Metro Madrid protects 2.5 million passengers from attack on mission critical control systems with AlienVault technology.

AlienVault ICS SIEM expands on this legacy of experience with rugged hardware, SCADA-specific intrusion detection signatures, tight integration with ICS equipment manufacturers and support for regulatory compliance frameworks including NERC CIP, NRC 73.54 and CFATS.

About AlienVault

AlienVault is the leading global provider of Security Information and Event Management solutions, providing the technology for more than half of all SIEM deployments worldwide. For more information about AlienVault ICS SIEM, visit

About Wirehead Security

Wirehead Security is a leading security services provider based in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing managed security services, security consulting and training to IT and control system customers. For more information about Wirehead Security, visit


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