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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Infosec Island Admin



Occasionally it comes to our attention that material submitted for publication by a member may contain instances of unattributed content. Infosec Island's policy is to immediately remove the offending content to preserve the original author's copyright.

Similarly, we have been notified of many instances where our member/contributors have had their material similarly scraped by other websites without attribution. Infosec Island's policy is to immediately contact the offenders and demand the removal of the misappropriated content in an effort to protect our contributors' intellectual property.

In both cases, the degree to which materials have been misappropriated varies from unintentional oversight to outright plagiarism. Either way, any instance of improperly attributed material jeopardizes the the integrity of all of the information we work to provide, and will not be tolerated.

Infosec Island is a community of information security professionals, and we encourage the sharing and dissemination of security and compliance best practices, but never at the expense of proper attribution for the source of the knowledge.

It is our expectation that submissions by members must contain any and all attributions for the source of the materials therein regardless of whether they are quoted excerpts or general summaries of other professional's works.

The Infosec Island team seeks to uphold the sanctity of intellectual property and full copyright protection for any author, and we appreciate those both inside and outside our community bringing instances of improperly cited materials to our attention.

Thank you for your cooperation in continuing to make Infosec Island a dynamic source for information security and compliance knowledge.

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Khürt Williams Do I really need permission to quote even just a single sentence of this article? What about copyright law and fair use? I'm confused a about the sentence that follows this article.
Ali-Reza Anghaie Many, I'd say a huge majority of, authors provide their (c) terms, use Creative Commons licenses, etc. and are a-OK w/ quoting as long as source attribution is clear. Infosec Island is not infringing on the original author's right to set distribution terms.

As you can see at, Fair Use is a bit tougher, and it's safest to get permission. However, many people, including myself will check for an express prohibition or license and if I don't see it will use and cite/source the material appropriately. So far that hasn't generated any complaints.

All that aside, Infosec Island is really just asking people to properly note their original works versus copies or excerpts and to use good common sense. They're not asking us to suddenly become Copyright attorneys. -Ali
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