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Monday, April 30, 2012

Joel Harding


I did my Master’s thesis on “Determining the Financial Impact of Hackers on Business” back in the 1990s, when uncovering detailed financial reports was difficult at best.

Now Group iB, a Moscow, Russia based international “leader of the Russian cybercrime investigation market” has produced a report citing Russian cybercrime is responsible for almost 1/3rd of all online crime. Not only are the details amazing, but the breakdown of the various types of crimes are illuminating.

$4 billion of the worldwide $12.5 Billion in worldwide online crime statistics went to Russian  crime groups.  I hate to use the word syndicate, it implies a more formal group than most of the criminals involved.

Online fraud, Spam, Internal Market and DDOS attacks were the four broad categories for the types of cybercrime.

  • Online fraud, containing online banking fraud, phishing attacks, and theft of electronic funds. It should be noted that this aspect includes cashing services for stolen funds, taking up around 40 % of this entire aspect.
  • Spam, including not only services for sending unsolicited email, but also affiliate programs for unlawful sale of drugs and counterfeit products and software.
  • Internal market (cybercrime to cybercrime, or C2C), including services for anonymization and sale of traffic, exploits, malware, and loaders.
  • DDoS attacks, including services for organizing attacks aimed at denial of service.

There are also interesting case studies done on Vladislav Khorokhorin, Oleg Nikolayenko, Yevgeniy Anikin, Maksim Glotov, Andrey Sabelikov, and Pavel Vrublevskiy (aka Pavel Vrublevsky).

This report is well written, although obviously translated from the original Russian. If nothing else, it is a good primer on the various types of cybercrime and what one can expect if you are just beginning a life in online law enforcement. Again, the report can be found here.

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