It's Summer Blockbuster Season Again - Time to get Prepared

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lee Munson


Once again it is that time of year again. During the summer time people use their computers less than they do in the winter time.

That is because more people spend their time outside and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.

But for the people who do spend time on their computer this summer, they have to be prepared for some of the summer tricks that black hat hackers will use to try and get information from their systems.

One of the most used tricks that black hat hackers use during this time of year is to piggyback off of the advertising of big budget movies. There are a lot of ways that you can leverage attacks with this type of advertising and believe me they use all of them.

That is why when you see advertising or movie promotions you have to make sure that you are in a safe place and not in some trap that a black hat hacker has set up. With all of the loud and colorful advertising that you will see during this time of year it is going to be hard to tell which one is real and which one is fake.

One trick that black hat hackers like to use during this time of year is to get you to download their malware that pretends that it is promotional free swag. Swag is an entertainment industry term for the free promotional goodies that you get when a movie or an artist album is coming out.

A hacker might use the fact that you want your desktop wallpaper to be adorned with the latest blockbuster movie characters to their advantage. They will use this fact and try to lure you on to a dangerous website by offering this very thing.

And while they might have the item that was advertised, they will also have a little surprise on the backend as well.

Another way that black hat hackers will try to get on your system during the blockbuster movie season is through the use of the many free flash games that are offered during this time.

It has become a big thing now for movie and TV studios to offer free flash games that is based on the characters in the movie or TV show. These types of games are very popular but people only play them a couple of times before they get bored with them.

All a black hat hacker needs is one time for you to play the game so that they can get their hooks into you. It is easy for them to piggyback a piece of malware in a flash game like this. Flash is notorious for how insecure it can be.

While we said earlier in the article that summer is a slow time overall for the internet, that is slowly to starting to change. The reason why is because of the growing use of mobile phones.

With a smart phone people are able to stay connected all of the time. And that means there are more chances for them to be infected. The same rules when it comes to blockbuster movies and the computer apply to blockbuster movies and a smartphone as well.

And do not think that just because you are on a phone that no hacker will be able to get to you. A smartphone is just like a mini computer these days and you can be attacked on it as well.

The wrong movie promotion app can cause your phone to become compromised.

When you have events that have big promotions like summer movies you always have to be on the lookout for the bad guys. They will try to piggyback on the event and cause havoc to your system.

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