BSidesJackson 2012: A Brand Spanking New Infosec Community

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chris Sistrunk


BSidesJackson was held on Saturday, November 10, 2012 in Jackson, Mississippi at Duling Hall.  I hope you are familiar with Security B-Sides events (60+ events sofar).  

This was the 1st infosec conference of any kind to be held in Mississippi.  I organized BSidesJackson because I believe in infosec, and I also believe that having a local infosec community is matter where you work or what type of information/networks you must protect.  Big thanks to MC Petermann, Jack Daniel, Michelle Klinger, and Kyle Creyts for helping me get started.

We had a full day with 8 talks (see video links below) ranging from smartphone (in)security and registry forensics to bootkit defeat methods and social engineering.  There were also 3 mini workshops: SCADA/HMI Vulnerabilities with Wesley McGrew (@mcgrewsecurity) , Metasploit for Beginners with Georgia Weidman (@georgiaweidman), and Windows Forensics with Andrew Case (@attrc), Lodovico Marziale (@vicomarziale), and Joe Sylve (@jtsylve).  All of our speakers were top shelf.

There were 62 participants from Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, California, & New York to name a few.  What an awesome group!  I also want to thank my core team of Tom Sellers (@tomsellers), Russell Jordan (@russelljordan), Georgia Weidman, and Shannon Sistrunk (@shannonsistrunk) and Thomas Le (@lotusr00t) from BSidesMemphis to come volunteer...I couldn't have done it without you!

We also had 10 sponsors to help make the event free, live-streaming, with a nice catfish lunch, t-shirts, and a challenge coin.  6 of the sponsors were completely new to B-Sides events.  We love our sponsors!

Many participants were surprised that there were others in the area in infosec, and it was great to see this new community being born.  We surveyed the participants and everyone was pleased with BSidesJackson 2012 and 100% said they would attend BSidesJackson 2013.  The only negative comment we had was that our venue only had one large room for both the talks and workshops.

So stay tuned, BSidesJackson is coming back next year and it will be even better.

Also, BSidesNOLA is happening as well in 2013.  More details to come...

BSidesJackson 2012 Pictures (thanks to Scotty Polston)


Video links for the 8 talks (thanks to Georgia Weidman)

Georgia Weidman (@georgiaweidman) - Keynote
Smartphone Pentest Framework

Andrew Case (@attrc)
Why Memory Analysis Should Be Part of Your Forensics and IR Process

Jeff Gill
Productivity Through Security

Lodovico Marziale (@vicomarziale)
Advanced Registry Forensics with Registry Decoder

Vaagn Toukharian (@tukharian)
Hacking with Websockets

Aaron LeMasters (@lilhozer)
I/O Your Own: Regaining Control of Your Disk in the Presence of Bootkits

Gillis Jones (@gillis57)
The Badmin Project

Shannon Sistrunk (@shannonsistrunk)
Social Engineering and Nonverbal Communication


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