Information Security and Data Protection in 2012

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This is our first Data Privacy and Information Security Predictions report. We asked leading Data Privacy and Information Security professionals what they thought the New Year will hold in terms of the threats that are on the 2012 landscape.

The predictions that are included in this report offer a wide range of threats and concerns that need to be considered by every business or organization that operates in cyberspace regardless of its size.

As we start 2012, we can expect to see a continuance of data breaches and increasing cyber attacks. Taking a look back at 2011, we have learned that no system is ever 100% secure no matter the name or the size of an organization. It’s important for businesses and organizations to know what they need to be prepared for and to take steps to help minimize the threats that do not appear to be going away.

Looking ahead, it appears that in 2012 we will see an increase of heightened and very sophisticated threats than what was seen in 2011. We can recall 2011 as the year the hackers and the hacktivists got started on the data breach and gained a great amount of attention.

With all of the digital information and big data that is being stored, it should come as no surprise that data breaches are not going away in 2012 as they are only going to get bigger. I expect that we will also see more serious hacktivists attacks. It seems that the hacktivist is no longer hacking organizations just for the fun of it. They are attacking for specific causes and I believe that hacktivists are going to be a very serious threat in 2012 and organizations must be prepared.

I fear that the attention that was given to the data breach in 2011 may diminish being that the data breach will become commonplace in 2012 and going forward. Whether a data breach makes the front page news is not the point. All businesses and organizations must take a data breach seriously. I sincerely hope that legislation is passed early this year that will dictate exactly how seriously businesses and organizations must take a data breach.

I also feel that “Big Data” is something all of us need to be concerned about. Big Data that is stored by various data holders includes details on almost everything all of us do when we are plugged in. We will begin to see many organizations moving their big data into the cloud.

Big Data stored in the cloud is a huge risk if it’s not properly secured. I predict that we will begin to see enhanced cloud security due to the Federal Agency IT moving a great deal of its data into the cloud (they will hopefully pave the way for cloud security).

It’s also my hope that consumers start realizing that they need to stand up and fight for their right to privacy and to stop living their lives so publicly online. Today it is very easy for an Identity Thief to piece together an entire puzzle of our lives from all of the information that is available and collected about us online. Much of this information is from consumers who willingly share this data without being compensated.

I also predict that we will see a higher amount of businesses and organizations start planning for the eventuality of a data breach as today most realize that it’s not a matter of “if” a data breach will happen, it’s a question of “when?’ When a data breach happens, businesses and organizations are beginning to realize that it’s best to have a plan of action ready and in place.

This leads me to predicting that “Data Breach/Cyber Insurance” is positioned for a sizable increase in growth in 2012. Many organizations will turn to Data Breach/Cyber Insurance in order to create a data breach response plan in preparation for a data breach and/or cyber attack.

We here at Cyber Data Risk Managers will continue to spread the word that all Data Breach/Cyber Insurance policies are different. As specialists in Data Breach/Cyber Insurance, we will continue to lead the way and help businesses and organizations navigate the various policies that are available and help determine which is best for their needs.

At Cyber Data Risk Managers, we work to understand not just the various Data Breach/Cyber Insurance policies that are available today, but also the threats of today and the trends of tomorrow. That helps us to help you better protect your data and assets.

I sincerely appreciate and would like to especially thank all of those who have contributed to this report. I hope that you find the predictions that follow to be not only interesting, but helpful in making 2012 a safe and secure year.

Christine Marciano
President, Cyber Data Risk Managers
Follow Christine on Twitter: @DataPrivacyRisk

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